Monday, September 24, 2012

Laughing Out Loud

Scandalous meme!
Since its supposed emergence in Calgary in the mid-1980s, the internet acronym "LOL" has become possibly the most incorrectly used term of internet slang. Many users of the phrase that means "laugh out loud" express it in statements of mere chuckling.

Better hope your judge doesn't take your LOL literally, though. A Kentucky teen's use of the lingo got her behind bars for two days.

18-year-old Paula Asher was arrested after she allegedly crashed into another car while under the influence of alcohol. There were four other teens in the other car who were unhurt. She was charged with DUI, fleeing the scene and possession of a controlled substance. She later took to Facebook, and posted this snippet of wisdom:
"my dumb ass got a dui and I hit a"
Apparently the parents of the teens in the other car did some Facebook snooping and discovered this post. They took their righteous indignation to judge Mary Jane Phelps. Taking Asher at her typed word and believing that she truly Laughed Out Loud at the incident, the judge ordered Asher to delete her Facebook account.

A few days later, Judge Mary Jane - whose name sounds like it came from the cast list of a Cheech and Chong movie - saw that her order to remove the offending social network had not been carried out. She declared Asher in contempt of court and ordered her to spend two days in jail.

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